shall render services which cover the entire recruitment process starting from the initial screening and interview up to the point of manpower delivery (after client approval), and even after deployment services. OHC selection system is a stringent process with several elemination points. The procedure is meant to ensure that the qualified top-quality workers will be provided to the Client.

  • Application and Resume Review

    OHC recruits qualified personnel in accordance with the client's hiring criteria. The initial pool of personnel requested by the Client will be drawb from files of OHC applicants previously selected and ready for placement. This manpower bank is comprised of OHC reserves who are available on call to meet the requirements of the Client. OHC places advertisement in leading newspaper of national circulation depending on the arrangement with the Client. Supporting the list of recommended employees is a personal file containing information relevant to each applicant, which includes the following:

    * Work experience, employment history and colored photo, comprehensive curriculum vitae, (detailing educational background of applicant)

    * Photocopy of applicable license(s)

    * Certification and references

  • Final Selection

    Depending on the preferences of the Client, final selection maybe done through:

    * Client Interview. Pre-screened OHC applicants are interviewed by the Client's representative at OHC Office. Another option provided the Client Is to conduct the interview via webcam. OHC has the facilities for such arrangement.

    * CV Selection. The curriculum vitae of each applicant is sent to the Client for their review and evaluation. Documents like training certificates, employment certificates, licenses, etc., are attached to help the Client in determining the fitness and suitability of each applicant's education training and work experience to the position being offered.

  • Psychological and Skills Testing

    An integral part of OHC's selection process is the requirement for all its applicant undergo a battery of psychological test appropriate to the applicant's level and position applied for. OHC shall take charge of aplicable testing utilizing only modern testing techniques and standardized assesment tools administered by trained and qualified personnel.

  • Orientation

    OHC conducts as orientation program for all its recruits before departure from the Philippines. The orientation cocers basic information on the country of destination, code of conduct and behavior, employment terms and conditions, and other pertinent data.
    The orientation program is designed to make the worker adapt more easily to the existing customs and traditions of the country of deployment and the prevailing conditions in the work place. This will have the end-result of making the worker immediately productive.

  • Terms & Condition

    1. OHC shall supply the Client the required quantity of personnel by job category in accordance with the given Task and Job Request officially communicated to OHC.

    2. Client shall provide OHC necessary qualification, job descriptions, hiring rates and other employment. riteria and arrangements (food, accomodations, etc.) pertinent to the employment recruitment.